The audio signal coupling transformer is designed for making for making conductive audio susceptibility measurements as required in Mil-Std- 461G and various automotive and aviation EMC specifications.

OCT101 Audio Coupling Transformer

OCT101 Audio Coupling Transformer

OPHIREMC Model OCT101 Audio Coupling Transformer designed for making conducted audio frequency susceptibility tests as required by Mil Std 461G and various automotive and aviation EMI specifications. Transformer is CE certified.


Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 250 kHz
Audio Power: 200 Watts
Secondary Saturation: 50 Amps, AC or DC
Turns Ratio: 2:1 Step down
Primary Impedance: < 5 Ohms
Secondary Impedance: ¼ of primary impedance
Primary Connectors: 5-way insulated binding posts
Secondary Connectors: 50 amp insulated plug receptacle
Dielectric Voltage: 4,000 Volts
Secondary Inductance: Approximately 1 mH.
Dimensions: 13.65cm (5⅜”) x 22.22cm (8¾”) x 15.24cm (5¼“)
Weight: 26 pounds